Aug. 23 Matthew W. Frazier, 513 S. 46th St., Baltimore...


September 03, 2001

Aug. 23

Matthew W. Frazier, 513 S. 46th St., Baltimore, a commodity broker, filed under Chapter 7. Assets: $10,500; liabilities: $243,413.59

Aug. 24

Rescom Contractors Inc., 7925 Helmart Drive, Laurel, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Beverly Lynch, president. Assets: under $50,000; liabilities: $264,093.41

Robert Allen & Sonya Yvette Harris, 17207 Troyer Road, Monkton, t/a BA Harris Construction Co., jointly filed for an adjustment of debts under Chapter 13. Assets: over $100,000; liabilities: over $1,000,000

Aug. 27

Fulcrum Information Services Inc., 150 5th Ave., New York, N.Y., filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Neil E. Handwerker, president. Assets: under $50,000; Liabilities: over $1,000,001

Aug. 28

Shoe Biz Inc., 3610 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Tyrone Lemons, president. Assets and liabilities: n/l


a.k.a.: also known as; c/o: care of; d/b/a: doing business as; t/a: trading as; n/a: not available; n/l: not listed; H/C: Holding Company; LLC: Limited Liability Company; L/P: Limited Partnership; J/V: Joint Venture; P/A: Professional Association; P/C: Professional Corporation

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