Put it on your body, not in your mouth While it may not...


September 02, 2001

Put it on your body, not in your mouth

While it may not occur to most of us to groom with our food, it's increasingly becoming the norm. Just take a look at what's available:

* The Thymes Olive Leaf Exfoliating Body Polish ($16): The lotion is made from the entire olive (the oil, the leaf and even the pit), which is supposed to have "age-defying" antioxidants. Available online at www.thymes.com.

* Alterna Inc.'s White Truffle Shampoo ($65) and Conditioner ($85): More expensive than platinum, Alterna says white truffle oil is rich in B vitamins, which protect hair against breakage. Available by calling 888-425-8376.

* Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner ($9): The natural acids are supposed to be good for cleansing oily skin. Available in specialty stores; call 800-849-7112 to find one near you.

* Milk Pure Spring ($5 to $9): The bath and body line contains skin-softening milk protein. Available at Rite Aid. --T.B.

Even the manly might need gel

Bad hair days are not a gender-specific thing -- guys get 'em, too (particularly in Baltimore, which averages 81.5 percent humidity during the summer). Hair gel, on the other hand, is gender specific, according to White Rain.

The hair-care company now offers a male version of its Dippity-do hair gel: the Dippity-do Sport Gel. Though much like the original, White Rain says you can tell it's meant for men and not women because it's blue instead of the traditional pink and has the word "sport" on the bottle. Oh, of course.

It's available at drugstores for $3.

--T. B.

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