Master gardener class to be Oct. 1-5 in Westminster...

Agriculture Notes

September 02, 2001

Master gardener class to be Oct. 1-5 in Westminster

Applications for the 2001 master gardener class are being accepted.

It will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Oct. 1-5 at Carroll County Cooperative Extension. The office is located at 700 Agricultural Center Drive, Westminster.

The Master Gardener Program is a weeklong volunteer training program conducted annually by the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.

University personnel will offer instruction in botany, entomology, soils, fruit production, vegetable gardening, perennial and annuals, trees and shrubs, plant pathology, lawn care, integrated pest management, pruning and environmentally sound gardening.

Registration will remain open until spaces are filled.

Information: 410-386-2760.

Oak parasite appears in Carroll County area

Homeowners with oak trees are warned that the orange-striped oakworm, Anisota senatoria, has been seen in Carroll County.

The caterpillars are voracious leaf feeders and, when abundant, quickly strip oaks of their foliage.

The worms are black with eight narrow, yellow to orange stripes that run the length of its body.

Defoliation takes place in late summer to fall, so most oaks are able to survive with minimal growth loss or crown dieback.

Oakworm may be controlled with insecticides, but late-season treatment is not warranted because defoliation occurs when trees have finished most of their photosynthesis and are preparing for dormancy.

Bt spray, a concentrated formulation of bacteria that kills oakworms in their caterpillar stage, can prevent defoliation if applied early in the growth season.

Information: Steve Allgeier, 410-386-2760.

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