Recalling simpler time, of modest means, prices It was...


September 02, 2001

Recalling simpler time, of modest means, prices

It was with much nostalgia that I read your article on Haney's store (formerly Drake's) in Hanover ("Store linking hopes to BWI," Aug. 26). As an adolescent in the 1940s, I rode my bicycle countless times the one mile from my house to pick up the obligatory milk and bread to save gas that was rationed to three gallons a week. ...

I fought weather, yapping dogs on my heels and teen-age bullies. It was a simpler time, and the house and 14 acres we sold for $6,000 in 1948 paled [next to] the airport purchase of nearly seven figures. So much for progress and changing times!

Barbara Sparks

Glen Burnie

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