Zoo Zone

May 30, 2001|By The Baltimore Zoo

What's for dinner?

Pelicans only eat fish!

Pretty in Pink ...

Contrary to popular belief, pelicans do not store fish in their pouches for any length of time. Their unique pouch is used as a net to scoop up fish, which are quickly sent to the belly to help even out the animal as it flies through the air.

Do you know?

How long do pelicans live?

Answer: Pelicans can live for 15-25 years. One zoo had a pelican that lived to be 54!

Learn more!

Visit the pelicans at The Baltimore Zoo.

Read "The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me" by Verna Aadema.

Wild facts

1. The wingspan of a pelican can be 8 feet wide.

2. Pelicans primarily live in warm climates.

3. Pelicans are at risk due to pesticides, environmental desctruction, and a decline in food sources.

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