Book Reviews

Book Reviews

May 30, 2001

" 'Easter Parade' by Mary Chalmers is a fantastic book. First, I like the characters; Rabbits because I want a rabbit for a pet. I like the pictures. I like the flowers in the pictures because I plant pretty flowers in the spring with my mom."

-- Ebony Cromwell

Marley Elementary

"The best book I've ever read is 'Vincent Van Gogh' by Eileen Lucas. It is a neat biography because it's full of interesting facts about his personal life and his career as an artist. I learned how Vincent's brother, Theo, helped him throughout his life. I bet you will like it as much as I did or more."

-- Tommy Everett

Jacksonville Elementary

"I highly recommend 'Arthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club' by Marc Tolon Brown. I like this book because in it Arthur likes to read and you should reading, too. Arthur never ever stopped reading. When class is over, he still reads.That's why this is a great book."

-- Amanda Sijera

Joppa View Elementary

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