Longer-lasting food Looking to extend the shelf life of...


May 30, 2001|By Sara Engram and Liz Atwood

Longer-lasting food

Looking to extend the shelf life of fresh foods or to avoid freezer burn on frozen items? Tilia Inc., a California company, says its counter-top home vacuum packing appliance is a convenient way of removing air from storage containers -- allowing foods to be stored longer than by conventional methods. It could be a boon for preserving a catch after a fishing trip. FoodSaver Vac kits are available through retail and sporting-goods stores and catalogs. Tilia can be reached at 800-777-5452 or on the Web at www. tilia.com.

For birds' sake

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association says drinking coffee grown in the shade is for the birds. Coffee farms that cultivate shade-grown plants provide rest stops for migratory birds, avoiding the deforestation that is common when coffee is grown in the sun.

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