Council `grandstanding' and priorities disappoint The...


May 27, 2001

Council `grandstanding' and priorities disappoint

The May 21, 2001, Anne Arundel County Council political grandstanding of Councilman Burlison and the Democrat leadership in Anne Arundel County showed that the representation of this extremist organization cares less for the citizens of this community and their sole goal is the development of a monarchy in this community. Councilman Burlison's remarks to continue on with the vote to pass the resolution to take private property from an ill senior citizen who recently lost her husband for a criminally low offer in value shows this administration's lack of respect for the rights of the private landowner.[Councilwoman] Murphy's ... leadership tactics and smoke-filled back room deals with this administration regarding the supplemental budget ... must end. The systematic failure to provide for the most needed citizens in our community, our seniors, and the public safety because of politics is nearly criminal.

Mr. Burlison says he will be re-elected. I hope not. The future of West County depends on his retirement. The future of Anne Arundel County depends on compromise and real leadership. Hopefully, the next county council will provide this needed representation for the citizens.

Robert A. Costa

Shady Side

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