Program honors county government employees

May 27, 2001

The Carroll County commissioners honored county government employees for length of service and outstanding performance May 16.

The Employee Awards Recognition Program included employees marking five, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years with the county government.

On behalf of the Commissioner Ombudsman Committee, the commissioners presented Employee of the Year awards for significant contributions to Carroll County residents to Grace Devereaux, Mark Duval, Michael Frazer and George Shoemaker.

The commissioners presented the Exceptional Service Award to Jodi A. Daroja of the Department of Citizen Services. Daroja was recognized for excellence in coordinating the Family Self-Sufficiency Program; for dedication, commitment and compassion for the citizens she serves while assuming an additional workload; for statewide coordination efforts and national recognition received from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Organizations; and for consistently performing above and beyond her assigned duties and responsibilities.

Length-of-service awards:

Five years: Jerry F. Barnes, Tracy Gilmore, Shirley Haas, Vicki Petry, state's attorney's office; Calvin V. Baseman, James R. Fisher, Walter Royster, Bruce Vanleuvan, sheriff's department; Thomas Battaglia, John Biblehimer, fleet management; Stephen Brown, airport operations; Martin B. Covington III, storm-water management; Mark Duvall, farm museum; James E. Fisher, Timothy Hughes, Margaret Krause, Stanley E. Miller Jr., roads operations; Pamela Grimes, Dawn Kile, courts; Tammy Haines, Business and Employment Resource Center; Steven Lawson, facilities; Steven Nelson, Michael Roberts, water resource management; Catherine Oler, human resources; William Schaefer, recreation; Terry Selby, landfill operations; Yvonne Staub, economic development; Ronald Stephan, engineering.

10 years: Ann Allen, Charlene Fischer, Aging; Pamela Arnold, Beverly Calafos, Kelly Cox, Jo Lynn Delp, Lanny Holcombe, State's Attorney; Stephen Bankert, Donna Kuznik, landfill; Michael Barnes, engineering; Anna Baugher, Wanda Brandenburg, Kevin Kontz, Barry Naylor, Utilities; Vernon Bonner, Deborah Green, Clifford Ziegler, roads operations; Jeff Degitz, recreation; Donald Dell, Grace Devereux, county commissioners; Charles Eyler, retiree; Floyd Welty and William Eyler, facilities; Teresa Fair, sediment control and grading; Patricia Geiman, courts; Alda Gesell, accounting; Bruce Moore and Jason Green, permits and inspections; Bonnie Hann, comptroller; Venzena Legge, recycling operations; Scott Markle, information and technology services; Tara Mayers, communications; Lynn McDonald, human resources; ; Robert Muse, sports complex; Richard Null, farm museum; Thomas Rio, Raymond Wetzel, building construction; Harold Schaeffer, warehouse operations; Tina Shupp, Hashawha Environmental Center; James Slater Jr., public works; Jean Swartz, housing and community development.

15 years: Eugene Angell, Robert Boone, Calvin Brothers, Michael Maring, Anita Nickoles, permits and inspections; Alfred Bailey Jr., Julia Becker, Cecil Butler Jr., Janet Gates, Mark Gonder, Robert Isennock, Timmie Schaeffer, Sheriff's Department; Sharon Baker, aging bureau; Charles Beckhardt III, Bart Mathews, information and technology services; Edward Bilz, Samuel Cool, Catherine Plank, Eric Weaver, roads operations; Tobe Carter, George Thomas Jr., public safety; Kathi Dietrich, Steven Powell, management and budget; Blaine Flickinger, Richard Ranoull, facilities; Misti Green, Russell Miller III, landfill operations; Richard Pat Hill, county commissioners; Loren Lustig, Piney Run Park; Robin Mundorff, accounting; Sandra Myers, Business and Employment Resource Center; Laura Myers, permits, inspections and review; George Schanberger, fleet management.

20 years: Bruce Dutterer, planning; Bruce Fritz, facilities; Brian Geiman, Darlene Smith, William Smith, William Thomas Sr., Sheriff's Department; Raymond Grimsley Jr., fleet management.

25 years: Ray Bowen, facilities; Lawrence Brown, S. Denise Study, accounting; Ronald Haines, Richard Wetzel Sr., roads operations; Darlene Rohrbaugh, recreation; Jennifer Taylor, public works.

30 years: Robert Bair, county commissioners office.

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