Hard work, discipline are key, Huang says

Student achiever

May 23, 2001

Student achiever: Elizabeth C. Huang, 18

School: Glenelg High School

Special achievement: Elizabeth has maintained a 4.0 grade point average throughout high school. She is ranked No. 1 in her graduating class, was the only Glenelg High School student named a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist and scholarship recipient; was a Maryland Distinguished Scholar Finalist and a Presidential Scholar semifinalist; was offered a Meyerhoff Scholarship to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; is president of Students Helping Other People (SHOP); and has an internship at Howard General Hospital. A short story she wrote won first prize in Maryland and was selected as one of the top three in the nation in the PTA Reflections Program senior literature division.

What she says about her 4.0 average: "It's due to discipline. You work hard; you can't just coast."

What her mother says about Elizabeth: "I believe her accomplishments speak very favorably of our school system."

School organizations: She is a member of It's Academic and the National Honor Society, and is active in the school drama group. This year, she is captain of the Math Team at Glenelg High. "It's interesting," she says.

Plans: She wants to attend the Johns Hopkins University or Princeton University and major in biochemistry. She is considering a career in medical research.

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