What's for dinner? Zebra are grazers and eat...


May 16, 2001|By The Baltimore Zoo


What's for dinner?

Zebra are grazers and eat grass and plants.

Zebra are highly social animals that live in herds. Their stripe patterns are used as camouflage to confuse predators such as lions. When moving as a herd, the stripes blur individual animals, making it difficult to pick out one target.


Do you know?

Where do zebras live?

Answer: Zebras are found on the grasslands and savannahs of Africa.

Learn more!

Visit the zebra at Base Camp: Rhino opening May 26th at The Baltimore Zoo.

Read "On Beyond Zebra" by Dr. Seuss.

1. There are currently three species of zebra: Grevvy's, Mountain, and Common.

2. Zebra have very good eyesight which helps them spot predators.

3. Zebra are water dependent and have been known to dig holes to find water during droughts.

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