Orioles ups and downs

May 13, 2001|By JOE STRAUSS

DOWN - Devil Rays

Who says Bud Selig doesn't have a sense of humor? Preserve the Tampa Bay franchise and give Peter Angelos his way by moving it to Northern Virginia. That way there'd still be only one major-league franchise (give or take one) within 100 miles of D.C.

DOWN - Mike Kinkade

First a slump, then a bum ankle. All of a sudden, Cal Ripken's an everyday player again.

UP - Jason Johnson

Made the most impressive start of his career last Sunday. Too bad it came against Mike Mussina and was a no-decision.

DOWN - Position prospects

Got a few hours? Name an Orioles position prospect having a productive start. Even Ed Rogers, "the next A-Rod," is chasing Mario Mendoza.

UP - Ellie Mussina

Had no trouble setting the record straight after her son's return to Camden Yards. Compliant right shoulder WBAL promised to track down family dog for the real poop.

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