Robey's promise for money aids 3 school efforts The...

May 06, 2001

Robey's promise for money aids 3 school efforts

The Robey administration's promise of more money next year has rescued two long-awaited school renovations and a new Alternative Learning Center in Howard County, despite high construction costs that boosted the collective bill more than $6 million over budget.

To save the renovation projects and get them rolling this summer, County Council Chairman Guy J. Guzzone, a North Laurel-Savage Democrat, persuaded County Executive James N. Robey to pledge enough new money to finish the jobs at Atholton Elementary School and Dasher Green Elementary/Owen Brown Middle school in Columbia.

Developer Reuwer's plans occupying Zoning Board

While the county Zoning Board is busy weighing a contested rezoning proposal by developer Donald R. Reuwer Jr. in eastern Howard County, another Reuwer rezoning request for the western county is waiting in the wings.

The board, which is made up of the five County Council members, is so busy with Reuwer's plan to rezone two Route 100 parcels for commercial use that it has postponed until June 6 a hearing on his request for the junction of Marriottsville Road and Route 99.

As far as Reuwer is concerned, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It has given him more time to try to win over neighbors to support his plan to build a three-story office building on the western lot.

Panel weighs impact of widening Route 32

Most members of a panel of land-use experts concluded Monday night that widening Route 32 in western Howard would spur development throughout the region.

Their estimates on how much varied from no additional houses to as many as 7,300.

State Highway Administration officials asked the nine-member group to determine the impact improvements to Route 32 would have on Howard, Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery counties.

Pair said to attack trial witness in cell

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A man who testified against the Trull brothers in a recent trial for the murder of two Howard County men was beaten in a holding cell after he was accidentally locked up with two of the brothers, authorities said.

The afternoon attack was at the Volusia County Justice Center, where the three men were sentenced Tuesday for their roles in a 1998 melee that left two Columbia, Md., men dead and another seriously injured.

Officials said Jonathan Trull and Joshua Trull were in the holding cell with two other men when Danny Beard was brought in after being sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison. A hospital official said Beard's injuries weren't life threatening.

Seniors study to be helpful to Robey's county plan

Howard County's seniors are healthy, wealthy and wise for the most part, and their numbers will grow twice as fast as Maryland's senior population, according to a groundbreaking study financed by the Horizon Foundation.

This senior profile, gleaned from a survey of 1,200 people throughout Howard, will be vital in drafting what County Executive James N. Robey called Tuesday a "road map" to help the county's burgeoning over-60 population stay in their homes and remain as well off as they are today.

Planning Board approves zoning for fox-hunting site

After being caught in a bureaucratic thicket for nearly a year, Howard County's fox hunters are finally breaking into the clear.

The county Planning Board recommended zoning approval Thursday for the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds, a 70-year-old fox-hunting club based on a 100-acre parcel in the western county.

The vote helped put to rest the club's run-in with county officials, who last summer discovered that the club had built itself a clubhouse without the required permits. Club officials initially argued that they didn't need formal approval for the clubhouse, which includes a full bar and kitchen because it was incidental to the farming operation at the Windsor Forest Road property.

But under county pressure, the club eventually relented and submitted to the zoning approval process.

Thursday, the Planning Board rewarded the club with a swift hearing and a unanimous vote in the club's favor.

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