Film festival

May 05, 2001|By Chris Kaltenbach

Saturday highlights

"Brazil," 1 p.m. at the Charles. Terry Gilliam's cockeyed masterpiece, about a future more perverse than anything George Orwell ever imagined, went largely unseen when it was released in 1985. Do your part in righting that wrong.

"Rediscovering George Washington," 1 p.m. at the Charles. Here's a tough decision: "Brazil" or this documentary on America's first president, from Montgomery County resident Michael Pack, whose "The Fall of Newt Gingrich" was a highlight of MFF 2000.

"Two Unknown Photographers," 4 p.m. at the Charles. Filmmaker Kon Pet Moon, whose resume includes a teaching stint at UMBC, tries to find the owners of two bundles of photographs left behind when a San Francisco camera shop closed.

"2,000 Maniacs" and "This Night, I'll Possess Your Corpse," 9 p.m. at the Bengies Drive-In, 3417 Eastern Blvd. Good, clean, wholesome fun from Herschell Gordon Lewis and Jose Mojica Marins? Not exactly; these are the kinds of films your parents warned you about. And playing at a drive-in, no less.

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