Judge rejects request to place elderly woman in county facility


A Baltimore County Circuit Court judge rejected yesterday a request by the county Department of Social Services to place an 88-year-old Parkville woman under county guardianship.

Judge Kathleen G. Cox instead ordered the department to send a social worker to Leocadia Thomas' home three times a week.

Thomas was arrested Nov. 16 after police said that she and her daughter blocked a car as it was leaving the dead-end street in front of her home in the 8800 block of Victory Ave. and refused officers' orders to let the car pass.

She maintains that the road is private property.

County social workers applied for guardianship Feb. 13 after Thomas' appearance alarmed medical personnel at the Baltimore County Women's Detention Center, where she was held 43 days after being arrested a second time.

Cox said that based on reports from a social worker who visited Thomas' home this week, she is better off at home than in a county facility.

"There are problems, and I have concerns, but she also has an ability to take care of herself on her own and in her own home," Cox said.

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