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May 02, 2001

What's for dinner?

Yellowbill ducks eat aquatic plants, insects, snails, grain and seeds.

Dabbling Ducks ...

African yellowbill ducks are the only African ducks with a bright yellow color on the bill. They are widespread across southern and eastern Africa and usually live in large flocks that break into smaller groups when the rainy season begins.

Do you know?

What does "dabbling duck" mean?

Answer: This refers to birds that do not dive for their food but skim the surface of the water to catch their meals.

Wild facts

1. Male yellowbill ducks "whistle' to get the attention of other ducks.

2. These ducks build their nests on the ground, close to the waters edge.


Learn more!

Visit the yellowbill ducks at the Baltimore Zoo. Read "Have You Seen My Duckling," by Nancy Taturi.

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