Carroll residents fight plan to abandon their wells

Homeowners resisting mandatory hookups to public water line

May 01, 2001|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,SUN STAFF

Carroll County's plan to construct a water line along Hollenberry and Obrecht roads in Sykesville has angered several residents who will have to abandon wells and pay the costs to hook into the public system.

The water line will be built in conjunction with the $14 million treatment plant at Piney Run Reservoir, a project the county believes will alleviate persistent water shortages in South Carroll.

When the water main is complete, county code requires that "every abutting property owner, after due notice, shall make a connection." The county is negotiating with residents along those roads for rights of way that would allow for wider roads and construction of the pipeline.

The county charges residents a $4,725 fee to connect to the public water system. The homeowner must also bear the cost of running a line from the main to the residence. Residents will pay a phased-in utility maintenance fee beginning July 1 for many of the 7,000 homes and businesses in South Carroll.

Ken and Elaine Boyd of Beachmont Estates have asked why they should shut off a reliable well and pay more than $5,000 in hook-up costs.

"We have a beautiful well. Nothing is wrong with it," she said. "Suppose we don't want to hook up? What do I do with my well?"

Ken Boyd said that it makes no sense to cap a working well in an area that suffers from seasonal water shortages.

"I have a well that has worked fine for eight years, and the county is going to make me cap it off," he said. "I am not against progress or the new pipeline, but I am unhappy with this mandatory hookup."

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