Research scientist will visit Israel to promote peace

April 25, 2001|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

A research scientist from Aberdeen Proving Ground who helped pioneer tracking animals by satellite has been invited to Israel in hopes of using the technology to promote peace.

Bill Seegar of the Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center will be a keynote speaker at an international conference to be held in Tel Aviv beginning Sunday.

With the Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Seegar helped to pioneer tracking migratory animals in 1984. He hopes to introduce the technology as an educational tool to get children of different nations together.

"Kids love all animals," Seegar said. "We want the process to bring children of the world together."

The technology is particularly important in the Middle East, Seegar said. Each year, 500 million birds migrate through Israel, often causing chaos with air traffic.

Counterparts in Israel have formed a group called Migratory Birds Know No Boundaries, an effort to use the common goal of saving the animals as a tool for peace.

"The whole pitch is using birds as ambassadors of peace," Seegar said. "It's a powerful global agenda."

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