School days haze

April 24, 2001|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

A day so hot it feels like summer prompts the question: When does school let out?

Nance B. Spiece, a receptionist at Baltimore County's school system headquarters, wishes she knew. She's spent the past week on the telephone with parents who want to know when summer vacation will begin.

"Oh, yeah, it's been busy," Spiece said yesterday. "I've had so many calls, I've lost track by now. But it's been every day, all day."

The school calendar says the year ends June 22, but that includes seven snow days built into the schedule. This year, snow closed schools twice. That means school could end by June 15.

The uncertainty will end tonight when Superintendent Joe A. Hairston and the Board of Education set the date.

Sue Morsberger, a secretary at Pikesville High School, is grateful the wait is almost over. "Then people will stop asking me," she said. "I'm the principal's secretary, so they think I'm privy to the latest information. But I'm in the dark, too."

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