Angelos has nobody to blame but himself When the...


April 22, 2001

Angelos has nobody to blame but himself

When the Orioles' fan base begins to erode, majority owner Peter Angelos will have nobody to blame but himself. I find it rather odd that he ignores the fact that our Ravens are No. 1 while his team is starting over and has to prove itself to win back fan support.

Angelos lacks public relations know-how, or he wouldn't have missed the opportunity to acknowledge the Super Bowl champions by asking coach Brian Billick or the Modells to throw out the first ball at Opening Day, unlike Maryland men's basketball coach Gary Williams, who respects Billick and had him address the team on its way to the Final Four.

Instead of causing a ruckus about getting stadium parity from the Maryland Stadium Authority, Angelos had better concentrate on solidifying the area's sports fans, or he should get out of the sports entertainment business.

Harry I. Kleiman Owings Mills

By staying, Ripken impedes youth movement

In baseball, an outstanding defensive play may be characterized as "highway robbery in broad daylight." For the Orioles, that phrase takes on an entirely different meaning this year - the $6 million in extortion the Orioles are paying Cal Ripken to play third base.

Ripken's desire to continue playing has put this team in a bind. The Orioles' so-called youth movement must be put on hold until Ripken (and only Ripken) decides to hang up his spikes for good.

Ripken should retire now with head held high, in the mold of Brooks Robinson. Otherwise, his sterling accomplishments will be overshadowed by this purely egotistical and unnecessary last stand.

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

There's nothing wrong with covering Mussina

I read with great interest last Sunday's letters to the editor concerning the coverage given to Mike Mussina's debut with the New York Yankees.

I, for one, hope The Sun keeps running Mussina in its headlines. Letting him go to the Yankees was the dumbest of many dumb moves made by Peter Angelos, who has turned this once-proud franchise into a running joke in the media world.

People supposedly learn from their mistakes, but I guess lawyers need more time.

Angelos has accomplished the impossible, though, turning a Yankees hater into a Yankees rooter every time Mussina pitches.

George J. Gauer Berlin

Show proper respect during pledge, anthem

Every year since I have moved to the Baltimore area, my family makes it to one or two Orioles games, which we really enjoy. With each trip, however, I am disturbed by the lack of respect shown for America when the Pledge of Allegiance is being said or when the national anthem is sung.

Many fans continue with their conversations or their walks to their seats or leave their hats on their heads.

I am trying to teach my 2-year-old to love, appreciate, and respect our country. Already, she can say much of the Pledge of Allegiance. To me, it is as important as learning the ABCs.

I would love to see a deeper appreciation for the United States. By showing proper respect, we can teach by example to our children and those around us.

Tonya Walls Bel Air

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