Team-by-team needs

April 20, 2001|By Ken Murray

AFC East

Miami Dolphins

2000 record: 11-5

Total picks: 8

First round: No. 26

Biggest needs: WR, OT

Draft scenario: The Dolphins added WRs James McKnight and Dedric Ward in free agency, but still could use more help at the position. They like University of Miami WRs Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne. They also have some interest in QB Drew Brees, who could easily be available at their pick. Because free-agent OT Richmond Webb hasn't signed yet, that's another position of need.

Indianapolis Colts

2000 record: 10-6

Total picks: 6

First round: No. 22

Biggest needs: DT, CB

Draft scenario: The Colts are set on offense, but need upgrades on defense to take the next step in the playoffs. Their first pick could be a CB - Nate Clements, Ken Lucas and Jamar Fletcher are possibilities - but they might go for a DT. Because CB Tyrone Poole and S Jason Belser are gone, the Colts need reinforcements in the secondary, too.

New York Jets

2000 record: 9-7

Total picks: 8

First round: No. 19

Biggest needs: DT, WR

Draft scenario: The Bill Parcells era is over. Now GM Terry Bradway and new coach Herman Edwards get a chance. They appear to prefer Santana Moss, 5-9, with the first pick, but could wind up with WR Rod Gardner. If they address the defensive line, their options should include DE Andre Carter and DT Marcus Stroud.

Buffalo Bills

2000 record: 8-8

Total picks: 10

First round: No. 14

Biggest needs: DL, RT

Draft scenario: Ex-Tennessee coordinator Gregg Williams wants to adopt the Titans' 46 defense in Buffalo, and needs quick linemen to play it. Undersized DEs Jamal Reynolds and Andre Carter would fit the mold. The Bills like DTs Richard Seymour and Marcus Stroud, also.

New England Patriots

2000 record: 5-11

Total picks: 10

First round: No. 6

Biggest needs: DT, WR

Draft scenario: The Patriots will be torn between taking one of the top DTs in the draft or one of the better playmakers at WR or RB. DT Gerard Warren could drop to them at the sixth pick, or they might go for Richard Seymour. If they want to give QB Drew Bledsoe some help, they'll look at the skill positions, possibly at WR Koren Robinson. They have three picks in the top 70.

AFC Central

Tennessee Titans

2000 record: 13-3

Total picks: 7

First round: None

Biggest needs: CB, WR

Draft scenario: GM Floyd Reese is always good on draft day, but he won't be busy until the 60th pick this year after trading his first-round choice for DE Kevin Carter. The Titans need a CB after losing Denard Walker, and depth everywhere on offense, particularly at WR and RB. They don't have a FB on the roster, so watch for Heath Evans in the second round.

Pittsburgh Steelers

2000 record: 9-7

Total picks: 7

First round: No. 16

Biggest needs: DE, ILB

Draft scenario: The Steelers will focus on defense after losing ILB Levon Kirkland and DE Kevin Henry. DTs Damione Lewis and Stroud would play end in the Steelers' 3-4. They may go for Nate Clements, however, because their top four CBs all are entering the final year of their contracts.

Jacksonville Jaguars

2000 record: 7-9

Total picks: 9

First round: No. 13

Biggest needs: OT, LB

Draft scenario: The Jaguars' salary-cap purge left holes everywhere. To stay competitive, they will focus on defense. They like LB Dan Morgan and DT Marcus Stroud, either of whom would stabilize what has been a soft middle defense. OG Steve Hutchinson and Andre Carter at DE would fill needs, as well.

Cincinnati Bengals

2000 record: 4-12

Total picks: 7

First round: No. 4

Biggest needs: LT, DL

Draft scenario: The Bengals have two pressing needs - an LT on offense and help across the board on the defensive line after collecting the second-fewest sacks in the NFL last year. They probably will jump on LT Leonard Davis if Arizona doesn't claim him, but if he's gone, they may have a choice of the best DE (Justin Smith) or the best DT (Gerard Warren). They're also looking for a playmaking WR.

Cleveland Browns

2000 record: 3-13

Total picks: 8

First round: No. 3

Biggest needs: RB, WR

Draft scenario: The Browns need some playmakers on offense to help QB Tim Couch, but they will consider trading down for defensive help in the first round. New coach Butch Davis had LB Dan Morgan at Miami, and would like to have him in Cleveland. Failing a trade for Chicago's eighth pick, the Browns likely will opt for either RB LaDainian Tomlinson or WR David Terrell. They also would like to upgrade DT.

AFC West

Oakland Raiders

2000 record: 12-4

Total picks: 8

First round: No. 28

Biggest needs: OLB, TE

Draft scenario: The Raiders might be the most secretive draft team in the league. And sometimes the most surprising. Last year, they took K Sebastian Janikowski with their first-round pick. Their first pick this year could be an LB, where all three starters are in their 30s; TE, where they lost Rickey Dudley; or SS, where Derrick Gibson fits their mold.

Denver Broncos

2000 record: 11-5

Total picks: 10

First round: No. 24

Biggest needs: DE, CB

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