Improved water quality is the goal of Little Patuxent watershed study

April 18, 2001

A $45,000 state grant and $30,000 worth of contributed Howard County services will pay for a study of ways to improve water quality in the Little Patuxent River Watershed, county officials said this week.

The watershed, in the populous eastern county, needs restoration, according to the Maryland Unified Watershed Assessment. It does not meet clean-water and other natural resource goals, county officials said.

The work will involve collecting and organizing information on the watershed, which empties into the Chesapeake Bay, and adding results of a monitoring study to examine water quality at specific points. In addition, the study will determine how water creatures are coping with pollution, assess how forests in the watershed are surviving and examine ways of starting a public education campaign.

A report will be written in November to summarize the findings.

"This grant helps us to prioritize a plan to improve water quality in this heavily used watershed," said Howard County Executive James N. Robey.

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