To play or not to play the market? Experts differ on this big question


WHERE WILL the stock market travel from here? Recent opinions:

"Take this bear market seriously. Play it safe. Get out of almost all common stocks and into U.S. government paper." (Richard Russell, publisher, Dow Theory Letters, in a story titled "Dow 2500, Anyone?" in this week's Barron's)

"Don't get scared out of this market. Despite recent setbacks, the long-term course of the stock market has been sharply higher. Over 75 years, stocks on average returned 10 1/2 percent per year." (Myron Kandell, financial commentator, CNN-TV)

"This market could drop much farther before a sustained rebound. But never try to pick the bottom because, if you do, you may never get invested at all." (Turnaround Letter)

"I've aggressively bought technology stocks. My high-tech position is now over 20 percent, more than in three years. I'm like a kid in a candy store." (Barbara Marcin, Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund)

"Now that many stocks are diving like air-to-ground missiles, businesses and consumers are cutting back, with foreigners rethinking U. S. investments. This could easily lead to a `Greenspan bust."' (The New Yorker)

"One good week does not a bottom make. I'm very skeptical." (Timothy Ghirskey, Dreyfus Mutual Fund Group)

"When picking `fallen angels,' make sure the fundamentals are sound and growth prospects positive. Pick your fruit carefully." (Kenneth Janke, CEO, National Association of Individual Investors)

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