Mia's way


April 17, 2001|By SUN STAFF

Washington Freedom and U.S. national women's soccer team star Mia Hamm is renowned for her dribbling skills. Some ways she hones her "touches":

Place cones or other similar-size items randomly, but not more than 10 yards apart, to set up an obstacle course.

Dribble straight to the first cone, using all parts of your feet -- and making sure to drill with each foot.

Cut abruptly around that cone. Explode to the second, dragging the bail around it, keeping your body between the ball and the cone -- shielding the ball. Imagine each cone is a defender, and vary the moves you use.

At the end, designate one cone as a "goal." Zap past that last "defender" and shoot. Why?

"For the same reason you shoot free throws at the end of a practice in basketball -- because you're tired," says Hamm. Such practice enables you to improve your abilities in staying focused, as well as shooting.

SOURCE: U.S. Yazouth Soccer Association.

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