In Washington Arguments heard from two states over...

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April 17, 2001

In Washington

Arguments heard from two states over claims to Potomac

WASHINGTON - Maryland and Virginia reached back to the writings of the Founding Fathers to bolster their opposing claims about Virginia's rights to use the Potomac River.

A special master appointed by the Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in the case of Virginia vs. Maryland, in which Virginia claims it doesn't need permission from Maryland to build a river intake pipe that would serve the 1.2 million customers of the Fairfax County Water Authority. A debate has lasted for centuries over who holds the rights of use in the Potomac.

Maryland owns the river under a 1632 land grant from King Charles I, but a 1785 compact gives Virginia certain rights, including ability to build improvements from its shoreline.

In Delaware

Farm due for development may become sewage dump

WILMINGTON - A farm scheduled to become a housing development may instead become a sewage dump for New Castle County. The Midland Group has offered to sell the 326 acres to the county after shelving plans to build a planned community.

The property is north of Middletown, 12 miles outside Wilmington, in a once rural area now heavily suburbanized.

In Virginia

Book found in basement is rare Civil War item

SPOTSYLVANIA - An 1895 book found in a Maryland basement in the 1950s is a rare Civil War collector's item.

Murrel Myers, 76, said the book, "The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War," was found in the basement of a Chevy Chase home he bought in the 1950s. The book lay in a box in his abandoned farmhouse in Culpeper County until a few weeks ago.

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