Enfish One tracks everything

April 16, 2001|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Louise Wannier, the chief executive at Enfish, made the case most eloquently for acquiring this superb, albeit daunting, information utility: "The amount of disparate information that people need to access is enormous."

For the several years Enfish products have allowed Windows users to create lightning-fast indexes of all the information on their hard drives. It doesn't matter whether you're seeking a name or a stray fact or a snippet of prose. With the $70 Enfish Onespace running, you type in search terms and up pops a display of every file with that phrase in it.

On the downside, it takes a long time to sift through your stuff the first time, and with indexing under way the first few days, the software slows the computer considerably. But the resulting speed in finding information soon makes up for the initial irritation.

Built-in file viewers quickly display the contents of photographs, Word documents, spreadsheets and e-mail without launching the original application.

Information: www.enfish.com or 626-660-2300

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