Mussina on front page `rubbing salt in a wound' Can...


April 15, 2001

Mussina on front page `rubbing salt in a wound'

Can someone please explain to me why Mike Mussina's picture and pitching line were on the front page of the Sports section April 6? Hasn't this city been hurt enough by his departure to, of all teams, the Yankees? Why do we have to be reminded that he still pitches like the same old Moose but in a different uniform?

Featuring Mussina seems to be rubbing salt in a wound that remains open thanks to his frequent anti-Orioles comments. Mussina is a Yankee; please treat him like any other pitcher around the league.

Jessica Bernheim Owings Mills

J. Johnson more worthy of mention than Mussina

I was very disappointed when I looked at the front page of The Sun's Sports section to see former Oriole Mike Mussina and not Jason Johnson, who pitched a great game that day for the Orioles.

I guess that large payroll of the Yankees covers your paycheck, too?

Brian Wilbur Perry Hall

Don't play up Yankees at expense of Orioles

I thought for a minute when I opened the April 6 Sports section that they delivered the New York paper instead. No it was The Sun. Nearly half the front page was devoted to Mike Mussina. Oh there was a small article on the left side about the Orioles' game, and no headline for Jason Johnson.

Let's get with it, people. If we want to see Yankees headlines, we'll buy a New York paper. Let's use our paper for Maryland sports. Another great example of a one-paper town.

Gene Strite Towson

Quit pining over player no longer with Orioles

I am very disappointed with The Sun's sports coverage on April 6. I opened my Sports section to find Mike Mussina and his stats front and center. To the left of Mussina's picture was the headline, "O's walk away with 2-1 victory." No mention of Jason Johnson's superb performance in Thursday night's game.

The Sun needs to move on. Mussina is no longer an Oriole. The citizens of Baltimore and The Sun need to support our team, not pine over a player no longer with us.

I hope Mussina gets what he deserves (no run support) after his snide remark, "They would have expected me to perform as the Opening Day guy, win 22 games, and we don't really have a chance if we don't win 22," - obviously directed at the Orioles. Let's see if those pinstripes look as good come September.

Anita Gladstone Perry Hall

Orioles get short shrift on front page of Sports

Sports coverage of the Orioles by The Sun - front pages April 4 and 6 - approaches all-time depths. Except for token mention of Baltimore's biggest franchise, your paper continues to orphan the Orioles in recognition while portraying bright color photos of Tiger (who cares) Woods and Mike (11-15) Mussina.

Your absurd topic selection even prioritizes the Ravens' re-signing of a roving linebacker (football season is over, folks) above reporting details of the Orioles' early success.

Ted Hickman Millersville

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