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April 15, 2001

Feldmesser is best choice for Columbia Council

The April 21 elections for Columbia Council representatives may just be the most important in the history of Columbia. That is why I urge Wilde Lake Village voters, to cast their ballots for Joshua Feldmesser.

Mr. Feldmesser chairs the Wilde Lake Village Board, of which I am a member. His leadership consistently brings out the best in his colleagues. The spirit of collegiality that characterizes this board owes much to his skills.

At our meetings, we discuss issues fully and openly with respect for everyone's views. Mr. Feldmesser uses his ability to summarize, synthesize and extrapolate so that each of us fully understands exactly what we are talking about.

There are no secrets, no documents withheld from some and shared with others, no cliques, no personal agendas. By the time a vote is taken, we have reached consensus. Every vote during my tenure has been unanimous.

This happens because we work as a team with the leadership of a good team leader.

Mr. Feldmesser was born and raised in Columbia. After college, he chose to return to his hometown to live and work.

His natural abilities and experience as a grassroots organizer have served him, and us, well in his work with the Wilde Lake Village Board.

Mr. Feldmesser knows the history of Columbia and has ideas for its future. He understands the issues facing Columbia and what has contributed to the dysfunctionality of the current council.

He also knows that a budget requires clear objectives and goals, not just a continuation of last year's budget with a bit of tinkering here and there.

It simply makes sense to elect Joshua Feldmesser as Wilde Lake's representative to the Columbia Council. His skills are exactly the skills that are needed on the Columbia Council to get things done right for Columbia.

Helen K. Kolbe, Columbia

Odum would bring expertise to CA board

Long Reach is extremely fortunate that long-time community leader Linda Odum is running for the Columbia Association board in the April 21 election.

As an active Columbia resident and successful business leader, Ms. Odum would bring a wealth of personal commitment and professional expertise to the board.

She has served the community as president of the Family Life Center board of directors, as director of the Columbia Foundation and as a director of the Friends of the Library.

And she has been one of Howard County's most knowledgeable and successful real estate agents and the owner of her own real estate business for more than 15 years.

Ms. Odum's open mind, willingness to listen to all views, respect for others' opinions, and commitment to open and inclusive deliberations are exactly what the residents of Long Reach desperately need in these desperate times.

She is open to possible revisions to Columbia's governance process and knows the board must address Columbia's relationship to and expectations of the county.

She also celebrates Columbia's diversity and wants to work on creating a strategic plan with a beneficial effect on CA's economic model.

Ms. Odum will serve the residents of Long Reach and all of Columbia with intelligence, openness, honesty and integrity.

She'll bring a breath of fresh air and a much-needed return to Jim Rouse-style optimism to help Columbia rise above the unprecedented rancor, distrust and uncertainty we've had to bear.

Cast your vote for a responsible, professional and compassionate representative for Long Reach. We need it. We deserve it.

Esen Paradiso, Ralph Paradiso, Long Reach

What makes me excited about Linda Odum's candidacy is the chance to elect someone who understands property values and how perceptions of a community influence the financial destiny of the many people whose major financial asset is their home.

I love my home, and I love living in Columbia, which is where I have grown up. But for me, it is not just a matter of wounded civic pride when I see Long Reach described as "deteriorating" or "dangerous"; it is a matter of economics.

I count on the value of my home to increase over time. It is my investment.

If our community, if my village, becomes known as an undesirable place to live, then my investment is compromised.

Linda Odum is a real estate professional. She understands that we must prevent the decline of our community and protect our community and personal assets.

And Ms. Odum is a leader. She has proven that by her positions of responsibility with local nonprofit boards and associations. Her civic work has prepared her for the job of serving on the CA board.

The relationships she has built over the three decades she has lived and worked in the community make her the perfect advocate for our interests.

Cast your ballot for Ms. Odum. It's a good investment.

Jessie Newburn, Long Reach

Russell has earned another term on council

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