"Simpsons Comics Royale," by Matt Groening...

Editor's Choice

April 15, 2001|By Michael Pakenham

"Simpsons Comics Royale," by Matt Groening (HarperCollins, 159 pages, $14.95).

If you don't get Groening and the Simpsons yet, it's next to a sure thing you never will. Which, I believe, would be a tragic shame; it's some of the smartest, edgiest, ultimately serious social commentary coming out in the Americas these days. This is the 10th comic book, deftly pretending to be for kids, a series of stand-alone stories involving not only the Simpsons but Groening's other classic universal characters, interspersed with his deeply thoughtful letters to readers. Typical: "Tomorrow is the day after the first day of the rest of your life. Beware of men with tassels on their loafers. ... Stalk your bliss." Amen.

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