To find a haven from the bear, try fleeing into standing timber

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Looking for an investment that grows in this topsy-turvy market?" asks Forbes. "Try uncut wood. In the last three bear markets, standing timber walloped the S&P 500. During the worst three market downturns of the 20th century, timber acreage outdid the S&P."

Favorite stocks the magazine lists under "The Greening of Wall Street" are Boise Cascade Corp., Georgia Pacific Corp., International Paper Co., Mead Corp. and Weyerhaeuser Co.

MONEY MATTERS: "Keep in mind that the basic reason for selling is that there is a better alternative." (Better Investing.)

"One service a financial planner provides is to filter out all the `noise' surrounding finances today. Yes, the Internet offers tons of data for the do-it-yourselfer, but that's the problem--finding what is valuable and what is harmful or misleading." (Financial Planning Perspectives.)

"To keep ATM costs down, use banks and credit unions that don't charge. Use only ATMs run by your bank. Cash checks at the supermarket instead of withdrawing money from an ATM." ("Bottom Line 2001 Yearbook.")

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