County adds more than 650 acres to farmland preservation program

April 12, 2001|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

The county commissioners agreed yesterday to add nine farms with more than 650 acres to the state's farmland preservation program, which pays landowners not to develop agricultural land.

Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Robin Bartlett Frazier voted in favor of the petitions after a brief meeting yesterday. Commissioner Julia Walsh Gouge was not present.

"I'm real happy with what is happening right now," Dell said. "All the farmers seem to be getting interested in the program."

Situated mostly near Taneytown and Lineboro, the farms will be officially enrolled in the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program if they get final approval from the board of the state Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation. That board's next meeting is scheduled for April 24.

If approved, the acreage would be designated as preservation districts. That qualifies the land to be considered for permanent preservation through the sale of an easement to the state. Buying an easement grants the state permanent development rights for that land.

The farms approved are:

4757 Ruggles Road near Taneytown, 26.16 acres owned by Wilmer L. Barnes and Dorothy I. Barnes.

3261 Hyser Road near Taneytown, 104.74 acres owned by Gordon Lee Davis and Jean Bounds Davis.

At 3279 Bert Koontz Road near Taneytown, 21.144 acres owned by Kenneth Lee Davis and Karen Schilling Davis.

At 3210 Whippoorwill Drive near Taneytown, 120.08 acres owned by Dennis James Harner and Mary Wantz Harner.

At 5752 Taneytown Pike near Taneytown, 86 acres owned by Louella S. Harner, Dennis James Harner and Mary Wantz Harner.

On the north side of Baughman Mill Road near Lineboro, 51.09 acres owned by Thomas H. Warner and Donna E. Warner.

On the north side of Baughman Mill Road near Lineboro, 42.22 acres owned by Claude F. Warner.

At 6129 Taneytown Pike near Taneytown, 113.76 acres owned by Robert L. Devilbiss.

At Bert Koontz Road near Taneytown, 89.16 acres owned by Fern Allison Rodkey and Doris J. Rodkey.

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