April 11, 2001

4Kids: Featured Site of the Month


Hola! Put on your sombrero and head to Mexico for Kids at www.elbalero.gob.mx / kids / index_kids.html. Check out the History section to learn about Mexico from pre-historic Meso-American times to contemporary Mexico. The Explore section will introduce you to the many Mexican states. About Mexico has cool stuff such as indigenous peoples, music, holidays, myths and stories and the Taco Stand. Finally, don't forget to play at the Games section. Before your siesta, be sure to send your friends an e-card from the Ciberloteria. Adios for now.

Kid Quest: When is Mexican Flag Day?


Grab your safety goggles and head to Chem4Kids at www.chem4kids.com. Discover the four states of matter: solids, liquids, gases and plasma. Find out all about atoms, the tiny building blocks of everything in this world. See some of the formulas real chemists use in their experiments.

Kid Quest: What are the three components of an atom?


Wind your way through Logic Mazes at www.logicmazes.com. Try your luck at the sliding door, tilt and number mazes. Take a look at some life-sized mazes that people have designed in their own backyards. You'll be amazed by the variety of challenging mazes at this site.

Kid Quest: Alice mazes are named after what famous fictional character?

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