Zoo Zone

April 11, 2001

What's for dinner?

Jacob's sheep eat alfalfa, which is like hay.

Horns Galore...

Jacob's four horn sheep come with several different horns. Although rare, some have been seen with 5 and 6 horns! The wool of the Jacob's sheep is very warm and has been used for sweaters and blankets. The Baltimore Zoo shears the sheep (cuts off their wool) every year.

Do you know?

How big can a ram's horn get?

Answer: A ram(male sheep) can have horns that weigh as much as 30 pounds!

Learn more!

Visit the Jacob's four horn at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Sheep in a Jeep" by Nancy E. Shaw.

Wild facts

1. Jacob's sheep are an ancient breed that

probably originated in Syria (the Middle East) over 3,000 years ago.

2. The fleece (wool) of sheep has been used for centuries to make blankets, sweaters, and more. Wool can range naturally from gray to black to white.

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