Rio music player offers a tuneful bang for your buck...


April 09, 2001

Rio music player offers a tuneful bang for your buck

Rio's portable digital music players keep getting more sophisticated, and why not? The company has plenty of competition and is looking for ways to stay in front.

Rio 800 64MB is targeted at business travelers, technical enthusiasts and athletes. The Rio's suggested price is set to drop to $249 this week.

The device comes with 64 megabytes of memory, enough to hold about two hours of CD-quality music.

Highly recommended: the durable travel case ($24.95) and an FM tuner ($34.95).

Rio 800 64MB has a control pad for song management, a USB plug and a leather protective pouch. For those wanting more memory, Rio released a 128-megabyte version last week for about $299.

Information: or call 800-468-5846.-Bob Bersano/KRT

RumbleFX headphones are teeth-rattlers

If you like computer games, you're going to love Evergreen Technologies' new RumbleFX headphones. Great sound is a must when it comes to games.

Of course great graphics are important, but even the best of visuals come up short without those teeth-rattling sounds.

Sound completes your total submersion into a video game, so it's important to have a great set of speakers along with a subwoofer.

But now there's something that might give even the best of the speakers the shakes.

The new, $60 RumbleFX headsets immerse gamers in the virtual reality of positional audio vibrations so they not only hear where the action is coming from, they also feel it.

All games with magnified bass sounds such as explosions, rockets and gunshots, which basically describes most of the games on the market today, will vibrate or "rumble" on the RumbleFX headphones. Now you can blast away without raising the dead or the ire of your neighbors.

Information: or 541-757-0934-Craig Crossman/KRT

Repeater keeps notes so you don't have to

For the scatterbrained home handy person, Zircon's $30 Repeater, a 25-foot tape measure, veritably eliminates the need for a short-term memory or third hand with which to jot down measurements.

With a built-in digital recorder and record, rewind and play functions, the Repeater can capture up to 20 seconds of voice.

The unit won't erase any oral measurements unless set to do so, and users can add more notes later without erasing stored info.

It's a beefy tool in its own right, but the added digital memo maker makes it a must have for the short attention span handyman.

Information: or 800-245-9265.-Sean Conlin/Cox

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