'Survivor' Cruise


April 08, 2001

Fans of the original "Survivor" TV show will have a chance to meet a couple of their old friends next month aboard a cruise ship bound for the Bahamas. Jenna Lewis and Joel Klug (the young mom of twin daughters and the health-club consultant) will get a second chance at winning $1 million during the Malibu Spring Break Away Caribbean Cruise, and you can watch. You might even win the money for yourself.

The four-day cruise, billed as spring break for grown-ups, features a stop at Blue Lagoon Island, where Lewis and Klug and one passenger will have a chance to dive for a Malibu rum bottle that contains the ticket to the $1 million. To earn the right to dive for the hidden treasure with Lewis and Klug, contestants must first demonstrate their "vacation survival skills" by racing to apply sunscreen, burying themselves in sand or whipping up the best cocktail.

To reserve a cabin on the Carnival ship Fascination, call 800-227-1908, Ext. 366. Prices for the cruise start at about $400. For more information about the contest, call 800-562-5428.


It will be a bumpy ride, but that's the point.

Every week from June through August, the Pawnee Vacation Tours company offers wagon-train trips that re-create the pioneer experience. The trips follow routes through Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado, where author James Michener based his novel "Centennial."

The 100-mile trips in horse-drawn covered wagons start Saturday evenings around a ghost-town campfire where guests chow down on authentic trail grub (steaks, biscuits, bacon and eggs, flapjacks and gravy). The nights are spent under the stars, and there are three days on the trail, with tall tales told around the campfire each night.

The trip costs $650 per person ($585 for children ages 6 to 12; no children under 6), and all camping supplies are provided. For more information, call Tom or Gene Ballard at 800-284-0367.

European travel precautions

You don't have to cancel your Europe vacation because you're traveling to a country struggling with foot-and-mouth disease. Just do your part to minimize the spread of the virus (which isn't dangerous to humans but can devastate animal populations). The British Tourist Authority, which maintains a list of closed attractions and suggestions on its Web site (www.travelbritain.org), offers these tips:

* Avoid all contact with livestock and the land where it may be kept. Most areas are clearly marked.

* Do not leave any waste food in open countryside areas. It could draw animals.

* If a footpath has been closed, choose another route.

Before returning to the United States, the USDA requires the following:

* Avoid farms, barns, stockyards, animal laboratories, packing houses, zoos, fairs or other animal facilities for five days before travel.

* Thoroughly clean your clothes and luggage. Wipe all dirt from shoes with a bleach-and-water solution (five teaspoons bleach to one gallon water), and launder all clothing, including outerwear.

* Avoid contact with livestock or wildlife for five days after your return.

-- Tricia Bishop

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