Boys from St. Paul's do good work at shelter We regret...


April 08, 2001

Boys from St. Paul's do good work at shelter

We regret seeing the upsetting article in your March 30 sports page on the suspension of the St. Paul's boys lacrosse team. As chairpersons for Old St Paul's Episcopal Church Homeless Shelter, we want to affirm the great respect we have for the boys in the school, and our gratitude for their support of our shelter.

For the past five years, a series of remarkable student coordinators have successfully recruited the upper school for providing dinners and staying with our eight homeless men each Tuesday night from November to April.

Our homeless guests are always impressed with the care, interest and willingness these young men demonstrate, taking time to spend nights in the shelter. We couldn't run our shelter without the boys from St Paul's School. There is a good side to so many of these boys, on the lacrosse team or not. They have answered our call for help in a humanitarian program. We thank them with all our hearts.

Donald and Susan Lynne Lutherville

St. Paul's story belongs in news section

How in heaven's name did the item on the St. Paul's School lacrosse team sex scandal turn up in the sports section? Surely, it's not considered newsworthy from a sports viewpoint. It is a news item that should appear your main news section or in the Maryland section.

If a member of the Orioles hits a pedestrian with his car, surely it should not be carried in the sports section. Or, was this an attempt to bury the item?

Oscar Sinibaldi Towson

Referees for UM-Duke leaned toward Devils

Enough is enough. Why doesn't somebody say it like it is: The referees at the Maryland-Duke game stunk up the place. With that crew, Maryland didn't have a chance.

Don't get me wrong, Duke played a great second half and Maryland did let up, but the officiating was partly the reason. I guess all that I read about coach Mike Krzyzewki's presence being intimidating is true. It's amazing that as physical as Shane Battier was playing, he hardly was called for fouls.

I'd love to know the colleges that these referees attended. Wouldn't it be something if we found out that their alma maters were located in the Carolinas.

Gil Morris Timonium

Villa Julie lacrosse deserves recognition

When The Sun previewed the men's 2001 college lacrosse season on Feb. 23, the Villa Julie College schedule was omitted. Clearly, this was a simple oversight or a space limitation. Villa Julie cannot claim the rich lacrosse traditions of Johns Hopkins or even Salisbury State. Men's lacrosse has only been a Division III sport at the Greenspring Valley campus since 1995.

On Tuesday, the USILA Division III weekly poll was published with Maryland teams Salisbury, Washington College, St. Mary's and Western Maryland all highlighted in bold type, signifying their rankings and identities as Maryland schools.

If one looks closely, Villa Julie also appears, for the first time ever, among others receiving votes, without the bold type. The Mustangs are represented entirely by former Baltimore-area high school players, most of whom are obscure to anyone other than their families or friends. That's what makes this all the more noteworthy.

If the voters of the USILA Division III poll have recognized the efforts of the men of this small, suburban Baltimore County campus, perhaps The Sun will take some time to locate Villa Julie before the secret is fully exposed.

No one is suggesting that the Mustangs be placed among the elite quite yet. But recognition in its own back yard would be a great start.

Skip Lichtfuss Lutherville

Baseball analogy proves Woods wrong on Slam

Before the Masters started, controversy swirled regarding whether a win by Tiger Woods would finish a Grand Slam, as it would have happened in a 12-month period but not in the traditional calendar year.

Woods said, yes, it should be considered a Grand Slam, saying, "If you can put all four trophies on your coffee table in the same year, it's a Grand Slam."

Arnold Palmer said that is a "ridiculous" notion. Greg Norman agreed. Let me provide an analogy that helps prove Woods wrong.

Imagine Ken Griffey Jr. finished the last half of last season by hitting 40 home runs in the 81-game period, averaging .390 with 102 RBIs. Then he does something equal to that (40, .390, 102) during the first 81 games of this year, finishing with 80 homers, 204 RBIs and a .390 average.

Does he win the Triple Crown, the most coveted of baseball offensive awards? Does it even get recognized as the best offensive performance ever? I think not. Case closed.

Sorry ,Tiger. You'll have to earn it like the rest of them.

Jeff Mariner Towson

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