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April 08, 2001|By Tricia Bishop | Tricia Bishop,Sun Staff

As most great inventions do, Stephanie Heroff's grew from necessity: the need to be comfortable, yet still keep her underwear under wraps. "In the summer of '98 I was doing a graphic design job at a construction site, and I was dripping," she says. "It was so hot." One of those light strappy tank-tops would've gone a long way in easing the situation, but that was not an option.

"Young teen girls walking around with their little black bra straps peeking out of their tank tops was considered sexy. But as a young urban professional, that look just wasn't doable," says Heroff, 30, who lives in Minnesota.

So, she went to see her tailor (Heroff doesn't sew), giving him very specific directions: sew a bra into her tank top -- a real bra, none of this flimsy shelf- or strapless-bra stuff. And the idea was born: tanks with adjustable straps invisibly sewn into them that hook onto a detachable (and patented) underwire bra.

Next on her agenda are spaghetti-strap dresses. Expect them in the near future.

The tanks come in a variety of styles and sell for about $40. The bra, which comes in sizes 34A through 36D, sells for $20. To order, call 612-623-4923 or go to www.heroff.com.

Looking clean

Go ahead, layer on the mascara and head off to the latest cinema tear-jerker. Just make sure you slip a smudgee in your pocket before you leave.

Basically a cotton swab saturated with eye-makeup remover, smudgees come individually wrapped for easy portability, and are meant for removing smeared or smudged eye makeup -- you know, the black stuff that makes you look a little like a football player. Smudgees come in packs of 20 ($5.75) and are available online at www.smudgees.com. -- T. B.

Little pearls of beauty

Sometimes clever packaging is all we need to change our loyalties. If you're used to buying makeup in monotone shades, take a look at Physicians Formula's new Pearls of Perfection Multi-Colored Face Tints as an alternative.

Available in a highlighter and bronzer, these tints feature several shades of "pearls" (color droplets) mixed in one package, which are meant to complement the varying shades we all have on our faces. But the reality is that once you pump them out and rub them together, you're really dealing with one blended, monotone shade.

But, hey, pearls are in this year, and they're awfully cute in these clear bottles. $12.95 at CVS, Target and Wal-Mart. -- T. B.

Settle back for home therapy

There's nothing new about at-home face masks and body treatments, but Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Spa takes the pampering process to a whole new level. Designed to re-create the destressing atmosphere of a spa in your own bathroom, the products aren't your basic lotion and mud-mask choices.

For the face, there's the Purifying Facial Sauna ($10), which is meant to be steamed into the skin to open pores and ease tension. Follow that up with the Detoxifying Facial ($10) for a deep clean and then the Nourishing Facial ($10) to soften skin. Next comes a little chill-out time while you sit with Soothing Eye Pads ($10) on your lids to take away puffiness before you get into the real work: the body.

Start with the Rejuvenating Body Glow ($12), which scrubs away dead skin cells, before you slip into the Nourishing Mineral Soak ($12) that's supposed to relieve physical and mental tension. Soothing Shea Butter ($10) seals in moisture after your bath, and the Contouring Complex Gel ($12) helps hide lumps and bumps.

Add it all up, and you're $86 poorer, but perhaps you're also $86 more relaxed. -- T. B.

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