Sun's potshots won't compromise Smith's integrity Mike...


April 08, 2001

Sun's potshots won't compromise Smith's integrity

Mike Burns took Betty Smith to task for her criticism of local Republican gun raffles ("Take your best shot at this moving target," column, March 18).

First, let me make it clear that as a life member of the National Rifle Association as well as the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association, I don't share all Ms. Smith's views. As a matter of fact, I'm sorry I didn't win that Beretta last year.

Nevertheless, I've known Ms. Smith for years (we used to work together at the state's attorney's office) and always found her a genuine, thoughtful individual.

This attack on her alleged motives for speaking up as she chose to do is reminiscent of those days when women were supposed to "know their place" and were publicly castigated for presuming to intrude on the political landscape. Our system of government works best when all citizens are free to voice their opinions, without fear of ad hominem attacks from the powerful local press. I hope other good people won't be intimidated from taking public stands by what Ms. Smith has suffered. I know Ms. Smith will remain true to herself and her beliefs regardless of who may take potshots at her.

Jerry J. Joyce

New Market

County pays the price for insults to governor

Sen. Timothy R. Haines and Sen. Larry E. Ferguson have proven again that they just don't get it: In the political arena it's not very wise to throw rotten bananas at a 600-pound gorilla who has a wide circle of supporters.

The state's gay rights bill doesn't turn me on or off, but I do have sense enough not to get hyper about it when it's a shoo-in ("Senate OKs gay rights bill, 32-14).

Carroll County continues to get short-sheeted by the gorilla (the governor) and his Democratic majority. But we're going to have a Democratic governor after Parris N. Glendening and probably another after his replacement.

For the little bit of publicity our senators get for throwing spears at the governor, we constituents pay a price.

Why don't our senators try a new tactic -- become diplomatic and surprise themselves?

Jack Winder


A leader with character would fund her own trip

I applaud Carroll County Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier's wish to attend a "character building" conference sponsored by the International Association of Character Cities ("Carroll commissioner's trip alarms some," March 28).

But one hopes that Ms. Frazier will demonstrate some real character of her own and pay for this conference out her own pocket, rather than ask Carroll County taxpayers to underwrite her attendance at this fundamentalist Judeo-Christian function.

Thomas N. Mitchell


Morality prevailed at St Paul's School

Do my eyes deceive me? Are there actually going to be severe consequences for a few wealthy, intelligent, top-notch athletes who took part in an act of pornography ("St. Paul's School cancels varsity lacrosse season," April 4)?

I was furious when the story broke. I tried to imagine how the parents of the young girl must feel toward these boys.

I applaud St. Paul's School for making the painful but necessary decisions to expel a student and cancel the varsity lacrosse season. Left to their own devices, I doubt many parents would have pulled their boys off the nationally ranked lacrosse team.

But I will not be lulled into a sense of complacency about society's moral grounding just because one school did the right thing. We are all very well aware of the double standard set by male athletic associations in this country.

I hope that the schools in Carroll County take note of this incident and the way that it was handled.

It would be nice to know my school system values morality more than a top-ranked sports team.

Shelley Sturtz


Limiting abuse renders abortion unnecessary

On March 21, in just one issue of The Sun, we learned that homicide is the leading cause of death among Maryland women during pregnancy ("Homicide tops list of pregnancy risks") and read of nuns raped by priests and missionaries ("Rape of Catholic nuns documented in reports").

Truly terrible things happen to women that make the abortions that may follow them the lesser of many evils.

When will we stop putting energy into fighting over making abortion illegal and begin working together at the enormous task of making abortion unnecessary?

Kathryn J. Henderson


Death row researchers don't merit the spotlight

The Sun's article "Death row's computers link up inmates and law" (March 30) deeply saddened me. All that prominent newspaper space devoted to publicizing some simple achievements by the worst people of our society.

What a waste of an opportunity: What a positive statement (and example) it would have been if The Sun had chosen to use that space to publicize some of the wonderful achievements of the many great students and hardworking, law-abiding citizens who use computers for the betterment of mankind.

Death row killers don't need computers.

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