April 04, 2001

4Kids Cool School of the Month


Congratulations to Captree Elementary School in West Islip, N.Y., www.4Kids.org's Cool School of the Month. John Simeone and Dianna Grancagnolo designed and maintain Captree's excellent Web site at members.fnol.net/~captree/. You'll find an up-to-date photo album that serves as a journal for the school dating back to September when the doors first opened. The school's state-of-the-art library media center, a combination library and computer lab, allows students to read and do further research on the Internet.

Nominate a cool school at www.4Kids.org/nominations/

Kid Quest: How many students does the Captree Elementary School library media center serve?


Slip on your pocket protector and surf over to Triumph of the Nerds, a PBS site at www.pbs.org/nerds. Discover the history of computers from the ancient Babylonian abacus to modern-day computer networks and the World Wide Web. Find out what some of the world's most famous nerds have contributed to the computer industry. Then test your early computer knowledge in the Guess the Computer game. You'll learn why nerds now rule the world.

Kid Quest: When were Arabic numbers introduced in Europe?


Take a safari to Geo-Globe: Interactive Geography at library.thinkquest.org/10157/. Play Geo-Find, and have your own geography bee. Use the clues in Geo-Quest to find mystery animals from all over the Globe. At Geo-Seas, follow a maze through the ocean and discover tons of cool facts about our planet's huge bodies of water. Have a Geo-groovy time.

Kid Quest: What is the uppermost part of the earth called?

To complete the Kid Quest Challenge, visit the Web sites in this issue to find the answers to the questions, then go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest/

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