Zoo Zone

April 04, 2001

What's for dinner?

Red pandas eat bamboo, acorns, roots and berries.

Hiding in Trees

Even though the red panda looks like a raccoon and resembles a cat--this bear is most related to the giant panda. It hides, eats and sleeps high in the treetops, using its long, bushy tail like a pillow, and to keep warm. The panda's thick red fur helps it camouflage (hide) to avoid predators like snow leopards.

Do you know?

Where do red pandas live?

Answer: Red pandas are native to the Southwest slopes of the Himalayan Mountains.

Learn more!

Visit the red panda at The Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Pandas" by Heather Angel.

Wild facts

1. The red panda's Latin name means "fire-colored cat."

2. Red pandas were discovered before giant pandas.


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