School's ruling on boys expected

Expulsion possible for lacrosse players in sex video incident

April 03, 2001|By Lynn Anderson and Lem Satterfield | Lynn Anderson and Lem Satterfield,SUN STAFF

The disciplinary fate of three student-athletes who were involved in a sex scandal that has rocked St. Paul's School for Boys is expected to be announced today.

Members of the school's board of trustees as well as top administrators and teachers met behind closed doors yesterday at the Brooklandville campus to discuss possible sanctions, including expulsion, suspension, community work and counseling, said Claire Acey, director of public relations and publications.

Just how many members of the school's top-ranked lacrosse team could be disciplined was unknown, Acey said. "There could be a number of sanctions against any number of students," she said. "Whether they will be for the entire team, I'm not sure. Certainly some of the boys are more culpable than others."

Daniel R. Baker, president of the board of trustees, said he and other members of the board are "evaluating a wide range of disciplinary actions that may be appropriate." Baker said board members were trying to understand each student's involvement in order to decide "an appropriate kind of disciplinary action."

Also unclear was the status of a lacrosse game scheduled to take place today between St. Paul's and Mount St. Joseph. "No decision has been reached," Acey said yesterday afternoon. "At the moment, it's still on. But all that could change."

What effect a second forfeiture could have on the team's ranking was unclear yesterday.

The St. Paul's Crusaders, the nation's No. 1 high school team during the preseason, forfeited Thursday's league game to Friends School and did not participate in last weekend's four-game Daniel Hand tournament in Connecticut.

The Crusaders did not practice yesterday.

St. Paul's administrators and faculty have reacted swiftly to the incident, in which a 16-year-old sophomore on the junior varsity lacrosse team videotaped himself and a 15-year-old girl from another private school having sex, and showed it to team members. The girl did not know she was being videotaped.

Three student-athletes, all of whom are lacrosse players, were suspended indefinitely Friday. Those who were suspended included the boy who made the videotape, a boy who lent him the video camera and a boy who showed the video to a team members who had gathered to watch a video of their opponents.

The suspended athletes do not include the player at whose house the video was shown.

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