Sharper not vital to Ravens' success Do the Ravens...


April 01, 2001

Sharper not vital to Ravens' success

Do the Ravens really need Jamie Sharper? They have the best middle linebacker in the game in Ray Lewis, and with Peter Boulware at outside linebacker, they could put an average linebacker at the weak side and do just fine.

Don't get me wrong, Sharper is a very good football player. But do the Ravens really need to spend that kind of money on him?

Sharper did a great job, but how would he play on another team without the support of Lewis, Boulware and the two mountains that play in front of him at defensive tackle?

If Sharper goes to the Carolina Panthers, he will be moved to the middle, and what will he do then? He will not have Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams in front of him to stop the run, and Sharper will have to do this himself.

He should take whatever the Ravens offer and stay with the greatest defense ever.

Brian Coady Glen Burnie

Local golf coverage is well below par

Where is the local golf coverage? The Sun constantly ignores the local golf scene. The Sun prefers only to cover the major tours and when the area is hosting a major event. This disturbs me!

I would think that our area can provide enough interesting stories and information through the junior programs, Women's Golf Association of Baltimore, Maryland State Golf Association, Middle Atlantic Golf Association, Freestate Seniors, Middle Atlantic Section PGA and the area's 50-plus golf courses.

About 1.5 million rounds of golf are played in the metro area annually. I'm sure there are enough interested people on a daily basis eager to find an article on human interest, a hole in one, results of a tournament, or anything pertaining to the golf industry.

Golf is played by all walks of life, by all ages and gender. Golf is played year-round. I think people interested in golf deserve more than a blurb in the "For The Record" section.

Norm Vacovsky Baltimore

O's show no PR savvy by ignoring Ravens' title

It's a shame the Orioles organization and Peter Angelos still don't get it about many things, including public relations. I have not seen any public acknowledgement from the Orioles to the Ravens congratulating them on winning the Super Bowl.

Also, wouldn't it have been nice to have Brian Billick, a member of the Modell family or a member of the Ravens organization throw out the first pitch on Opening Day?

Samuel Gaugler Windsor Mill

Bowie beams with pride over Lonergan, Catholic

Three cheers for coach Mike Lonergan and his Catholic University men's basketball team. On St. Patrick's Day, Catholic won the NCAA Division III national championship in Salem, Va.

Although this is quite an achievement, I would like to add that this was not a one-time shot in the dark. Mike was named the Capital Athletic Conference Coach of the Year for the third time in the past four years, and during that time his teams won 100 games.

Lonergan was raised in Bowie and is still a Bowie resident. It is always good to see a hometown boy succeed. Many Bowie residents had a double interest in this achievement, because we are Catholic alumni, and we have watched Mike grow up to become one of college basketball's most successful coaches while remaining a very gracious, level-headed person and a wonderful family man.

John H. O'Hara Bowie

All Williams bashers should turn in diplomas

When it comes to sports teams and their fans, I am just your normal, everyday radical.

And so, here is a proposal: If Maryland wins the NCAA basketball title, then all those alumni who wanted to see Gary Williams fired this season should have their diplomas decertified, and all those anti-Williams people who did not attend Maryland should have their citizenship revoked.

Paul Podgurski Baltimore

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