Comments on vision statement sought

April 01, 2001

The Board of Education is seeking staff and community views on its vision statement, which was developed and discussed by the board at a retreat held March 17.

The vision statement is open for public comment until 4 p.m. April 12. Comments and suggestions must be submitted in writing, by mail, to the Public Information Office, Carroll County Public Schools, 125 N. Court St., Westminster 21157; e-mailed to; or faxed to 410-751-3030.

All comments and suggestions will be made available to Board of Education members, who will discuss the vision statement at a work session at 9 a.m. April 25 in Room 007 of the board offices. The agenda for the work session will focus on strategic planning and goal setting.

Information: 410-751-3020.

Following is the county Board of Education's proposed vision statement:

The success of the Carroll County Public School System plays an integral part in determining the success of our community. All students are provided with a quality educational experience that enables them to become productive, caring, responsible, and respectful citizens in a rapidly changing society.

School is a pleasant, rewarding experience for all students. Each student is provided with a challenging, rigorous curriculum and unending opportunities for learning. The dignity, differences, and uniqueness of all students are recognized and respected. All students have equitable access to technology and the tools and support needed to help them succeed.

All employees play an important role and are equally valued. Employees have the respect and encouragement of students and the community, opportunities for professional growth, and recognition for their contributions and accomplishments. Everyone in the system is treated with respect and encouraged to take risks to improve the quality of education. Teachers choose to come to Carroll County because they want to be a part of a learning community that values and supports their efforts.

Learning takes place in a safe, and orderly environment which is free of substance abuse. There is a climate of mutual trust and respect. Communication is open, responsible, and timely. New ideas are encouraged and planned together. The decision-making process is well defined and provides opportunities for participation by all to maximize student success.

Instruction occurs through the latest technology and teaching methods based on research and educational practices that have proven to be successful. Student progress, staff and management performance, and the success of programs are measured by clear standards and goals. Strategic planning is directed toward student success and decisions are made on what is best for the child.

Parents, public officials, businesses, and the general public are proud of the school system and support and help all students achieve their potential. The Board of Education actively seeks and honors the community's thoughts and opinions and encourages two-way communication to improve the school system. Students, teachers, community members, businesses, and other staff form meaningful partnerships to ensure that education remains the foundation of our community.

The Board of Education and staff appreciate the role of the community and are responsible stewards of resources. Leadership, partnership, and stewardship are the cornerstones of our decision-making. We do not define our horizons by real or imaginary boundaries, but by our never-ending pursuit of excellence.

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