Short story victor, 8, sets her goal

Student achiever

March 28, 2001

The student: Christina Wu, 8

School: Ilchester Elementary School

Special achievement: Third-grade short story winner for the State of Maryland International Reading Association Young Authors' Writing Contest. As a Howard County winner, Christina read her winning story, "Sundaes on Sunday," on Feb. 4 at Junior Editions bookstore at The Mall in Columbia.

Christina's story is about two siblings adjusting to their parents' divorce during a drought-ridden summer in Texas. "And when the scorching sun is high in the sky, Mama won't even let Jeremy and I out of the house," she writes.

Does she plan to be a writer when she grows up? Christina says she wants to write children's books. "Children's books are fun, and you don't have to write as much, and it's also a challenge, too, because you need the children to enjoy them."

How did it feel to win the contest? "It's kind of embarrassing when everybody starts clapping for you."

But did it feel good? "Yeah. While I was sinking down in my chair, I smiled."

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