Stocks may be due for turnaround, so plunge in

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March 28, 2001|By Julius Westheimer

HAVE WE HIT the bottom?

"More Fed rate cuts and a tax cut should boost stocks very soon." (Wright Investors' Service)

"Market drops are opportunities. Long-term investors should consider averaging down." (Myron Oppenheimer, Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Co.)

"Just take a Pepto-Bismol and wade in there. Buy stocks and funds when nobody wants them." (Paul Schatz, Beneficial Capital Corp.)

"In a bear market, the investor's chief problem and his worst enemy is himself." (Benjamin Graham, author, "The Intelligent Investor")

"Bonds should now outperform stocks. Bonds have two pluses: a safe haven and high interest rates." (Yamamoto Forecast)

"This may be the final meltdown in high-tech stocks, which are getting so cheap we feel guilty buying them." (Cornerstone Letter)

"You're not alone. Lots of investors, even seasoned ones like George Soros, flew straight into a mountain last year." (Inferential Focus)

"Alan Greenspan knows how fragile the economy is. More tax cuts are coming. The outlook will improve by summertime." (Baxter Economic Service)

"Most bear markets end in a selling climax, with virtually no stocks immune from the sell-off. We may have seen that last week." (Beacon Trust Co.)

"The tech-wreck bear market will end, but given all the damage, recovery may take some time. Stocks will end 2001 on a positive note." (S&P Outlook)

"Only 19 percent of investment advisers are bullish. That's when stocks can recover, because much of the selling has run its course." (Banc of America Securities)

"Nobody will ring a bell at the bottom." (Steven Leuthold, money manager)

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