How did they get out of the house like that?

March 27, 2001|By Parijat Didolkar

The day after, it was time for Oscar fashion fallout.

Who will forget Bjork getting caught like, um, a dead duck in her swan-around-the-neck number or Jennifer Lopez, a one-woman crusade to stamp out modesty? Here's what others had to say about the top two style victims at Sunday's Academy Awards:

Take a gander

"Bjork ... spared any major designers the embarrassment of being connected to [her dress], saying, `A friend of mine made it.' Well, with friends like those ..." (Atlanta Journal and Constitution)

"She looks like something you'd shove on somebody's lawn for their birthday." (Calgary Herald)

"Bjork laid a fashion egg, literally, on Oscar's red carpet.

"The singer-actress ... arrived at Sunday's Academy Awards in a white, feathered, knee-length dress tailored to look like a swan. It even included a swan's neck and head that she draped around her own neck.

"Outside the Shrine Auditorium, she lifted up her dress and out dropped an egg." (Associated Press)

Take cover

"Always out to grab attention, Jennifer Lopez wore a Chanel scarf dress so sheer that her famously prodigious backside became an afterthought." (Associated Press)

"Jennifer Lopez ... admitted that she threw together her outfit at the last minute. I don't think she checked in the mirror with a good light because her top was completely see-through, which left the Oscar folks, when she was onstage as a presenter with the option of shooting her very, very tightly and so, when you saw Jennifer Lopez actually on the screen last night, if you watched, you saw her neck and her head and that's about it because that's all they could show." (Sherri Sylvester, "CNN Live at Daybreak")

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