Gun raffle sends wrong message to county students I was...


March 25, 2001

Gun raffle sends wrong message to county students

I was shocked and angered the Carrol County GOP raffling of a 9 mm. Berretta semi-automatic handgun as a fund-raiser ("Former GOP official in Carroll bolts over gun raffle fund-raiser," March 11).


Both Hayes and Bush elevated the presidency

In response to the letter "Tax plan threatens our economic security" (Carroll letters, March 4), I'd note that the Bush tax plan would return money to the taxpayers.

If you pay taxes, you get something back.

The top one percent of earners get the biggest return because they pay the most taxes.

Also the Social Security system was not meant to fund our retirement, It was intended as a supplement.

Social Security has become an Albatross used as political bait to the citizens.

But it was not intended to become our sole support for retirement.

The elimination of the estate tax is not to reward the rich. It is to preserve a lifetime of achievement.

However, the main reason I'm writing this response is to clarify misinformation about President Rutherford B. Hayes ending reconstruction and continuing "vicious" racism.

Reconstruction was already on its way out President Hayes took office. Prior to his presidency, Hayes he was counsel for the "Underground Railroad" and helped fugitive slaves attain their freedom.

In office, Hayes initiated well- intentioned policies with respect to the newly freed blacks, native Americans and other minorities.

Hayes elevated the prestige of the presidency, and brought dignity, honesty and reform to the office, just as George W. Bush has brought dignity, honesty and reform and elevated the prestige of the presidency.

Frank Bubczyk


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