8 county groups are awarded block grants to fight crime

March 22, 2001

Howard County Executive James N. Robey has announced that eight county organizations have been awarded Local Law Enforcement Block Grants totaling $151,619. The grants, to be used to boost crime prevention efforts in the county, are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice.

"These grants have become a success story toward improving public safety and contributing to the health and safety of our communities," Robey said this week. "I am confident that this new round of funding will continue to support our anti-crime crusade."

Howard County police received the largest amount of funding, $111,006. Howard County public schools received $15,170 to boost security at Running Brook and Waterloo Elementary schools and at Long Reach High School.

Other public agencies receiving grants include the Howard County Child Advocacy Center ($3,495) and the Howard County Sheriff's Office($5,875).

The Howard County State's Attorney's Office ($3,993), Harper's Choice Community Partnership ($5,000), Howard County S.A.L.T. Council ($1,800) and the STTAR Center Inc. ($5,280) were other recipients.

Under the funding formula for the block grant, the Department of Justice provided $136,458 and Howard County added $15,161.

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