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March 21, 2001


If you like games, you'll love The Learning Site by Harcourt School Publishers at www.harcourtschool.com. This fun, colorful site features all your favorite subjects, from reading to social science. Each section's activities are categorized by grade level. The site map has links to games and activities. The art section is filled with activities about architecture, cave paintings and relief sculptures such as Mount Rushmore. The health section has info about your brain, teeth, skeleton and the food pyramid.

Kid Quest: What section at The Learning Site will help you boost your vocabulary?


Hop on a toboggan and head north to Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic at www.pbs.org / wnet / nature / sleddogs / . Read the amazing story of Balto, the super sled dog whose team saved the lives of many sick children.

Kid Quest: What's the name of the last great race, a 1,200-mile sled dog race held each March?


Take a virtual trip to Malaysia at www.geographiacom / malaysia / . Visit the People and Places sections, then take in some Malaysian history. You'll find colorful info about Malaysia's national parks in the Nature section. Then learn about all the activities available, such as visiting a long house, scuba diving and spelunking. Enjoy your tour of this fascinating culture.

Kid quest: In what year did Malaysia gain independence from Great Britain?

To complete the Kid Quest Challenge, visit the Web sites in this issue to find the answers to the questions, then go to www.4Kids.org / kidquest / .

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