"I like the 'ABC POP!' by Rachel Isadora because I love...

Book Reviews

March 21, 2001

"I like the 'ABC POP!' by Rachel Isadora because I love the frog hopping on the lily pad. I also like all the bright pictures."

-- Teajay Watson, Carter G. Woodson Elementary

"One of my favorite books is called 'Watership Down' by Richard Adams. I like it that the main character, Fiver the rabbit, senses danger -- most of the other rabbits do not believe him -- but he always turns out to be right! It was very exciting."

-- Jocelyn Ray, Lutherville Laboratory

" 'The Magic Schoolbus: Inside the Earth' by Joanna Cole is about Mrs. Frizzle's class field trip inside the Earth to collect rocks. We are learning about the Earth in school. The main idea of the book is studying the parts of the Earth like the mantle, crust, outer core and the inner core!"

-- Brandon Vecchioni, Joppa View Elementary

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